Spanish at Clayfield

In 2017, Clayfield College students from Pre-Prep to Year 12 have engaged in learning additional languages.

Year 8 Spanish students have recently been reflecting on their development as Spanish speakers amongst the 400 million+ others around the world with their teacher, Miss Berry.

Check out the girls’ pertinent perspectives of the impact and reality of their additional language studies in their lives after just 18 months’ learning (on average) through their schooling at Clayfield. We are so proud! #languagesforlife

The more languages you know, the more opportunities you have. You could have a job in more countries than someone who only knows one language. I'm interested in going to Mexico and learning Spanish, which I may be able to do now because I know the language."
I think in life having a second language can open up someone's world to a whole new culture and experience. It can bring job opportunities and help you to go more places as well as being able to communicate with them."
Now, I feel that if someone spoke to me slowly in Spanish, I may be able to pick up some of it, maybe even have a decent conversation."
Uno, dos, tres. I saw Spanish as just another language in the world and a language that I thought I was never going to use. I can now say that Spanish has changed the way that I listen to music, it's changed the way I watch TV and movies, how I speak to my friends and family and has given me an opportunity to expand my knowledge and vocabulary."

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