A Clayfield College education is intentionally structured to maximise each student’s growth at all stages of their development.

We provide outstanding learning opportunities beyond the regular curriculum, and across all ages from Pre-Prep to Year 12, so that every student can let their light shine in all areas of life.

Our holistic approach to the authentic wellbeing and personal development of each child means they experience belonging, connection and growth without sacrificing academic rigour. In fact, this student-centred learning delivers consistently strong academic outcomes.

Clayfield’s distinctive Parallel Learning model provides all the advantages of coeducation as students progress through primary school into secondary school. Learning in separate streams from Years 7 to 9 and returning to fully co-ed classes for their final years enables students to better focus on their learning when it makes the most difference to them – they get the best of both worlds at Clayfield College.

Early Years

At Clayfield College Pre-Prep we aim to provide a welcoming, carefully planned and inclusive environment.


The Primary School at Clayfield College is a warm, nurturing and inviting coeducational environment.


The Secondary school at Clayfield College provides a holistic education.

Secondary Co-Curriculum

The Secondary school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities which can be categorised according to cultural, musical, sporting or service domains.

Using Technology In Learning

Clayfield College believes in controlled and appropriate use of technologies.