Care in Boarding

The care, safety and wellbeing of your child is paramount and at the heart of everything we do. We offer a boarding experience that supports the physical, social and mental wellbeing of every boarder.

An experienced, passionate and committed Boarding House Supervisor is responsible for each year group whose primary role is to keep the boarders in their care safe, healthy and happy to encourage them to be socially responsible.

Our staff bring an extraordinary range of skills to our boarding community and have years of experience, or have been boarders themselves, or have a diverse range of university qualifications.

Boarders will have academic support available for their structured and supervised Prep sessions each evening, Sunday to Thursday, which will assist them to form good learning habits. In addition, teaching staff visit the Boarding House on a weekly basis to provide further assistance.

Our College’s registered nurse visits the Boarding House each morning to check on any unwell students and determines if further treatment and an appointment are required.  Boarding House staff will always accompany your child to their appointments and communicate with you on updates.

A psychologist visits once a fortnight to discuss any issues, no matter how big or small, including settling in and homesickness.