Explore Year 7

Meet Tia! She is a current student who is very excited (and proud) to share the Year 7 Clayfield experience with you.

Having embarked on the transition into Secondary School herself not long ago, she chats to key staff to get answers to some of the questions you may have. Tia catches up with:

  • Our Principal, Dr. Andrew Cousins, who gives his top tips for moving into Year 7
  • Our Head of Secondary, Mr. Justin Desmarchelier, who outlines how you’ll be supported and guided during this period of change
  • Our Heads of Department and Chaplain, Rev. Paul Yarrow, who provide a taste of the academic and co-curricular opportunities you can immerse yourself in.

Join Tia as she explores Year 7 at Clayfield!


How will we support you with the transition into Secondary School?

We recognise that moving from Primary School into Secondary School is a big change. Through our wellbeing framework, Care@Clayfield, and in partnership with you, your parents and our staff, we will support you to settle into Secondary School life as quickly as possible. 

Our focus in Year 7 is on relationship building, particularly within your cohort. We have created a dedicated Year 7 and 8 space for you to enjoy socialising with your peers during breaks.

You’ll enjoy a three-day camp in Year 7 as part of our Outdoor Education Program, purposely scheduled early in the year, as a way of developing friendships.

We also deliver an age-appropriate wellbeing program that includes topics such as cyber safety, developing healthy habits, building resilience and managing disappointment. We invite expert presenters to visit our College and share insights on these important topics with you. 

You will belong to a House as a way to deepen your connections throughout our Clayfield family. You will attend daily Pastoral Care Groups which have students from Years 6 to 12 and enable you to build authentic relationships throughout the year levels. House activities and competitions, whether sporting, cultural or celebratory, will further extend your connections beyond your immediate friendship group.

You will be allocated a Year 11 student to be your buddy to help support you through your transition into Secondary, and this continues until the end of Year 8. You will get to meet your buddy as part of the Transition and Orientation activities in the lead up to commencing in Year 7.  

Learn more about our Buddy System in Secondary School.

How is Year 7 different from Primary School from an academic point of view?

For some of you, you may not have experienced having different teachers for different subjects, and moving around the campus throughout the day for each lesson. But don’t worry, you will get use to this quickly, and it will help to grow your sense of independence in learning.

You may notice an increase in your homework and assessment expectations but be reassured that this will be introduced in a gradual way.

We have a compulsory Bring Your Own Technology Program, which means you use the technology or device you already possess and use at home, while at school.

Essentially, Year 7 is a foundational year. Our focus is on developing you to be an effective learner and helping you build the skills to enable academic success in future years.

We aim to build your academic courage and instil in you the belief that ‘anything is possible.’

What subjects are offered in Year 7?

You get to enjoy a suite of exciting and challenging subjects! This broad exposure helps you to start to identify your interests and passions and will assist when it comes time to choosing electives in your later Secondary School years.  

You will study:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science 
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Technology (Food Technology, Digital Technology, Design Technology)
  • Creative Arts (Performing Arts, Music, Visual Art)
  • Language (Spanish or Chinese or EALD Support) 
  • Christian Education

What are some of the learning highlights in Year 7? 

We offer experiences that encourage academic risk-taking, as well as creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. We do this both within the classroom, as well as through opportunities outside the classroom. 

Some examples include:

  • Attend authentic cultural events such as the Spanish Festival
  • Enjoy performances by the Shake and Stir Theatre company
  • Participate in an archaeological dig
  • Create and cook nutritious and delicious morning tea recipes 
  • Undertake liveability fieldwork 
  • Dissect skeletons of marine animals 
  • Immerse yourself in the exciting world of coding and robotics 
  • Learn hip hop dancing 
  • Attend the Brisbane Writers Festival
  • Conduct electrostatic balloon experiments
  • Participate in workshops with local artists 
  • Learn vital lifesaving skills
  • Perform solo and as part of ensembles in Music 
  • Create a hat fitting for a Mad Hatters Tea Party 
  • Design a spaceship of the future! 

What are some of the co-curriculum opportunities?

There really is something for everyone! A great way to feel part of our Clayfield community quickly is to adopt a ‘have a go’ attitude and join in – whether that be as part of a sporting team, music ensemble, service group, academic club, or all of the above!

Browse through the extensive co-curriculum opportunities within our Secondary School.

Want to know more?

We’re here to help! You can find out more information by:

  • Attending the Transition and Orientation activities we have planned for you in the lead up to you commencing Year 7
  • Visit us on an upcoming Principal-led tour 
  • Join us for a ‘Student for the Day’ experience
  • Contact our Enrolments Team on (07) 3262 0220 or via enrol@clayfield.qld.edu.au if you have any questions