Philosophy & Frameworks

Care at Clayfield

At Clayfield College, academic rigour works in harmony with our authentic and very intentional wellbeing program. Boys and girls will be known, valued and understood as individuals with unique interests, voice and potential.

We prioritise wellbeing in all contexts within our nurturing community. In the Secondary School, our Parallel Learning model allows even greater focus on wellbeing across all stages of a student’s individual development.

Our overarching Wellbeing Framework, Care@Clayfield aims to:

  • promote an understanding of wellbeing as a fundamental determinant of satisfaction and success.
  • assist boys, girls and others to improve their wellbeing through attention to their wellness, safety, relationships and purpose. 
  • empower boys, girls and others with the skills to monitor, regulate and develop the dispositions and qualities which are associated with high levels of wellbeing.

Care@Clayfield is based on five key principles:

  1. Understanding, honouring and protecting wellbeing is the core of a healthy and empowering school culture.
  2. Wellbeing education should encompass physical, psychological, emotional and social components. 
  3. School approaches to student wellbeing should include elements which are preventative, supportive and responsive.
  4. Wellbeing is a dynamic state which an individual can influence.
  5. Wellbeing is the foundation of all learning. It enables academic success.

The Care@Clayfield framework benefits everyone within the Clayfield community by ensuring that:

  • Everyone will be known, valued and understood.
  • Everyone will feel a sense of belonging to the College.
  • Strong connections exist among all members of the community.
  • Conduct and communication are shaped by Christian values. 
  • There are high expectations of individuals in the community in terms of engagement, conduct and communication.
  • All members of the community are accountable for their actions and words.