Excellence in Technology

Yesterday, Technology students Cassidy (Year 12), and Sarah, Hannah and Eleanor (Year 10), attended a QUT excursion for Myriad High and were inspired to hear from women who are achieving amazing and innovative things in technology at the moment. Speakers included Sarah Moran from Girl Geek Academy, Deb Polson from QUT and Shadi Rostami from Palo Alto, an international cyber security firm.  They all spoke about the need for more women in the technology industry and the wonderful benefits they can expect to enjoy if they do. The main focus of the day was a workshop where the girls were given the challenge of finding a way to end cyberbullying by 2025. Clayfield was one of only five schools to make it to the final round!  Congratulations girls on your presentation, confidence in public speaking and participation. Another highlight of the day was the chance to meet Queensland MP’s, Hon Grace Grace and Hon Kate Jones.

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