Schools, like any organisation, require rules and policies to govern their day-to-day operation.

At Clayfield College, the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association Board, the Clayfield College Council and the College Executive Team are responsible for formulating and reviewing policies. The Principal and staff use these policies as a framework within which to operate.

Clayfield College Child Safeguarding Policies, Procedures, and Information

Bullying Prevention and Management Policy

Complaint Management Policy 

Complaint Form

Parent Code of Conduct

Privacy Policy 

Report a Hazard Form

Safety Incident Report Form

Uniform Policy

Work Health & Safety Policy

International Student Policies

Accommodation and Welfare Policy

Complaints and Appeals Policy 

Critical Incident Policy

Deferment, Suspension, Cancellation Policy

Entry Requirements for International Students

Overseas Student Transfer Request Policy

Refund Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Student Progress, Attendance and Course Duration Policy

PMSA Policies

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