Inspiring their love of learning from the start

Our Pre-Prep music classes are full of fun and learning!  Our young boys and girls enjoy a music class every day and experience beat and rhythm, pitch, tempo and the comparatives (fast,slow/high,low/quiet,loud) through rhymes, singing games and movement activities.  

We highly value music education at Clayfield College, as it engages the whole child and helps to develop language, social skills, self-confidence, early literacy and numeracy concepts. Research has shown that positive engagement with music in the early years increases a child’s willingness to engage with music throughout their lives. Active music making in the early years sets the pillars for acquiring literacy concepts and reading fluency for children as they get older.  

Mrs Ann Slade, an early childhood music specialist, leads the Prep-Prep music classes each day.  Parents and family members are invited to attend an open music lesson later in the year.

Want to know more about the play-based, holistic curriculum as part of our Pre-Prep Program? Contact our Enrolments Officer on (07) 3262 0220 or