Support Groups

Sports Support Group

The Sport Support Group plays a vital role in fundraising for the College sporting program. As a sub-committee of the Clayfield College Parents & Friends Association, the Sport Support Group aims to provide additional resources and coaching to encourage sport participation and promote school spirit. Meetings are held monthly during term and everyone is welcome.

Primary Support Group

The Primary Support Group is made up of Primary School parents. Its functions are to raise funds specifically for the Primary School and to organise social events for both parents and students through the Parent Class Coordinators. It is a great way to meet other families.

Music Support Group

The Music Support Group is a wonderful opportunity for Parents and Caregivers to support the Music Program at Clayfield College. They support the Music Department through fundraising opportunities, concerts and community events. The Music Support Group meet once a term at the College and it is a fabulous way to meet other parents. Everyone is welcome to join the Music Support Group.

Boarder Parents' Support Group

The aims of the Boarder Parents' Support Group are to enhance the profile of boarders in the school and boarding at Clayfield College to the wider community, to encourage communication between boarder parents and to support boarding staff. The Boarder Parents' Support Group meet four times a year.