Student Welfare

The welfare of the boarders is of paramount importance in the Boarding House. The staff is experienced and has a thorough understanding of the needs of modern young women.

It is a priority that we provide an environment that is safe and secure at all times. The Boarding House has a security system that allows the girls to move about the building confident in the knowledge that they are well protected. The Boarding House is alarmed every night and the College also has a 24 hour Security Guard service that monitors the entire campus. Strict policies and guidelines are in place regarding the movement of girls outside of the boarding environment.

All senior staff have a current Senior First Aid certificate and deal with minor medical issues. A medical clinic is held each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, where a doctor will see the students by appointment. A range of services such as medical, dental, orthodontic and physiotherapy is available at nearby Clayfield. Should a boarder require urgent medical attention, a staff member will escort her to the Holy Spirit Private Hospital (Northside) or a hospital, advised by professionals, should an ambulance be necessary.

When boarders first enter the Boarding House they are allocated a "buddy" who will assist them to settle into their new environment. The empathetic support given by the staff, senior students and the "buddies" can help with the inevitable homesickness. Eventually friendships develop, along with a sense of belonging to the boarding community.

Staff are allocated various areas, so that close relationships can be developed with smaller groups of boarders. This inevitably helps in the settling process.