Boarder Parents' Support Group

The Boarder Parents' Support Group was established in 2015 to support our boarding parents, students and the Boarding House.

  • The aims of the BPSG are to enhance the profile of boarders in the school and boarding at Clayfield College to the wider community, to encourage communication between boarder parents and to support the boarding staff.
  • BPSG Meetings are held four times a year.
  • Boarder parents, Principal, Head of Boarding, Heads of Year Levels and teaching staff are welcome to attend BPSG meetings.
  • Boarder parents are welcome to provide items for the agenda to the Head of Boarding.
  • Meeting agendas are sent to the Principal.
  • Minutes of all BPSG meetings are distributed to all boarder parents via email.
  • A Boarder Parent Register listing has been established and includes the details of all boarding parents who wish to be included.

Parents of boarding students who would like to be part of the Boarder Parents' Support Group are asked to contact the Head of Boarding, Mrs Kathryn Searle, on 07 3262 0221.