My daughter, Olivia, is a boarder in Year 7. Prior to her attending Clayfield College she has always attended a small school in western Queensland, where I (as a parent) have known all of her teachers personally and have had much involvement with all aspects of her schooling. Sending your child away is a daunting experience. Not knowing the staff, or understanding the new routines and expectations, and not being there to support my daughter to the extent that I have in the past is at times a little overwhelming for me. Your staff should be commended on their actions. Every email, call and letter is received with much gratitude. It all helps make this adjustment period so much easier on us all."
We first came to Clayfield College in 2013. We chose Clayfield because we wanted the very best, well rounded and supportive education for our children. My husband and I believed, and still do, that how a child commences their education is just as important as how they should finish their education. Aim high! My children, all 3 of them have amazed, delighted and astounded us with the knowledge they have gained and the confidence they display each and every day at Clayfield. Aside from the excellent academic and developmental milestones our children have achieved, it is the extra care, effort and genuine dedication each and every Teacher has bestowed upon our children, and every child at Clayfield."
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Clayfield is inclusive, encouraging and it has a heart. This is the difference. A home away from home. A learning centre and a launching pad to a wonderful future. My children discovered independence, responsibility, resilience and greater confidence.

I see my children’s education as a group effort. A triangle, with each child at the top of the triangle, supported by a strong and secure base. The base being the partnership between the parent and the Teacher.

The Teachers are here for your child, but they are also here for you. Clayfield is a family - embrace it, enjoy it and watch your child shine.

My “Hot Tips” are:

- Keep communication open and honest
- Listen to your child
- Rest days are invaluable
- Don’t worry if they don’t eat everything
- Name everything!!! - Even their underpants! (everything looks the same in Prep!).

Our 3 children never went to day care, or Kindy, they never had a babysitter, unless it was my own Mother. Even then, I was not sure if she would remember to make sure they were fed!

So, Clayfield was my 1st experience of letting go. It hurt, I was nervous, I thought that I might have to visit my doctor and get some coping medicine!

I remember the 1st excursion. The questions were racing through my mind! “What do you mean an excursion?”, “What do you mean a bus!?”, “Does the bus have seatbelts?”, “NOT through the Inner City Bypass?!”.

All of my fears were put to rest by the calm, understanding and extremely tolerant Prep Teacher, Ms Helen Woodland. It was O.K.! In fact, it was wonderful!

That was my 1st child. Now child 3 is currently in Prep and with great gratitude and much thanks to the amazing Teachers and staff at the College, I am now relaxed! My children are happy. Through the love, care and dedication of my children’s Teachers, my children have taught me how to be a better mother. Thank you Xavier, Nelson and Sabina and thank you Clayfield College.

Enjoy your time in 2017 with your little Preppies. This is a very special place.

Clayfield Mum