Our Principal

It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to Clayfield College. 

Clayfield College is a vibrant learning community with a long history of preparing boys and girls for success in an ever-changing world. Through nurturing their hearts, souls and minds, students are inspired to be intellectually curious, creative, bold and emotionally confident. In the pursuit of personal excellence our students work collaboratively with our dedicated teaching staff to find their own voice and celebrate their individuality in an environment where they are known and valued.

The College has a strong academic culture where students are encouraged to be ambitious with their aspirations, and inspired to be their best selves and open minded in their global outlook. Students are exposed to high impact learning opportunities which will challenge their thinking and equip them to be the changemakers of the future. We do not however define our success purely on academic results. It is important to us that every student is offered the opportunity to discover their talents through a comprehensive breadth of cocurricular programs, where students can shine in the arts, sports and service leadership. These opportunities, which are driven by a participation mindset provide a place of belonging and facilitate the celebration of every student’s unique contribution to the life of the College.       

Our College community inspires people to come together. The warm and friendly extended Clayfield College family is something which you have to experience to truly understand. As a father and an educator, I understand that as parents we each strive to ignite within our son or daughter a passion for lifelong learning and to leave school fulfilled, proud of their achievements and full of compassion for others. You quickly realise that the tight-knit Clayfield family is a place which can make this happen. As a small school with a big heart we have as our central purpose and guiding mantra to let the light shine in every Clayfield College student.  

Clayfield College is a remarkable place to learn, where young people are inspired to live a life of purpose. I look forward to welcoming you to the Clayfield College family.

Dr Andrew Cousins