Music Fest 2018

Music Fest 2018

Around 130 Clayfield College students performed in this week’s annual Music Fest, delighting their teachers and families with their love of music and dedication to excellence.

Now in its 21st year, Music Fest provides the College’s vocal and instrumental students with an opportunity to perform in a friendly and supportive environment with feedback from professional adjudicators.

Head of Music, Angela Lockyer says the three-day festival, culminating in the Friday evening Grand Concert, is a valued part of Clayfield Music.

“Music Fest is an annual highlight on our performance calendar. This year it was wonderful to see so many students take up the opportunity to perform in front of their family and friends.

From our youngest performers in Grade 1 to our senior musicians, the talent was outstanding.

“Importantly, the event provides students with an invaluable opportunity to receive constructive feedback from external music educators and qualified musicians who are invited to adjudicate each section.”

Congratulations to all performers and to the students who received adjudicator awards and an invitation to perform in tonight’s Grand Concert.

Do Hee Lee, Year 3
Phoebe Lockyer, Year 3
Constance Crowther, Year 8
Yui Sato, Year 11 

Myra Dhingra, Year 2
Eleanor Chung, Year 3
Eugene Erng, Year 4
James Lollback, Year 5
Isabella Tong, Year 5
Darren Tong, Year 6
Mackenzie Somerville, Year 6
Ella Craddock, Year 9
Luisa Alberti, Year 10

Christian Ho, Year 3 (Double Bass)
Lucie Cooke, Year 3 (Double Bass)
Claire Xu, Year 5 (Violin)
Meghan Guthrie-Quinn, Year 5 (Violin)
Yuika Kiyofuji, Year 5 (Violin)
Bella Harris, Year 6 (Cello)
Sooa Oh, Year 6 (Cello)
Ella Craddock, Year 9 (Viola)
Jessica Povey, Year 9 (Violin)
Kimberley McDonald, Year 9 (Viola)
Georgia Lennon, Year 10 (Cello)
Lily Andrews, Year 11 (Double Bass)

Brass and Percussion
Katherine Withers, Year 6 (French Horn)
Sophia Buchanan, Year 9 (Trumpet)
Elizabeth Harness, Year 10 (Marimba)
Hebe Redmond, Year 11 (Marimba)
Isabelle Pacaud, Year 12 (Trumpet)

Harmony Parker, Year 7 (Alto Saxophone)
Anna Svenson, Year 8 (Flute)
Lisa Cassaniti, Year 10 (Clarinet)
Sarah Zande, Year 11 (Flute)

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