Pastoral Care

Through Clayfield Connect, the Pastoral Care team will continue to provide connection and self-care in the following ways:

Primary School

Your class teacher will be connecting with you each day. 

Secondary School

  • Personal Development lessons will proceed according to the curriculum for each Year level.
  • Pastoral Care Groups will meet virtually each morning at 8:20am in Teams to chat and participate in a variety of virtual activities. 
  • Heads of House will communicate regularly with the House, and will monitor interaction and wellbeing.
  • Student Leaders will provide a range of activities related to their portfolios to promote a sense of community.
  • Students and parents will receive a weekly communication focussing on information and behaviours that protect and promote mental health.


Our School Nurse has developed some tips for maintaining your physical and mental health when isolating at home. The tips are provided here.

The Connection