Textbooks & Stationery for 2021

Campion Education Qld supplies Clayfield College with our textbook and stationery requirements. You are able to order your new textbook and stationery requirements online here, the school code for online ordering is CBPD

Booklist orders may be picked up from the College Shop or delivered to a nominated address. Please tick the correct box on the order form.

Please contact the College Shop on email collegeshop@clayfield.qld.edu.au if you have any enquiries.

Second Hand Textbooks are sold on a pre-order system and only apply to students in Years 6 to 12. The forms are available via Parent Lounge, Links, Secondary School.

Not all textbooks are available second hand and will need to be purchased new with your order from Campion Education.

Payment methods accepted are cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS.