Study & Homework

Study and homework are important aspects of boarding at Clayfield College and all girls are encouraged to work towards their personal academic goals. Girls in Years 5 to 8 do their homework in the study room and computer lab. The computer lab is equipped with 30 computers connected to the College network. Year 9 boarders may choose to work in the study room or Dining Room. Years 10 to 12 girls do their study at desks in their rooms, where they have internet access, or in the Dining Room where tutors assist. The boarding staff supervises the homework sessions and monitor progress on assignments and study. Academic Tutors provide additional learning support on a roster and subject basis.

First Prep commences at 5.00pm and finishes at 5.50pm for Years 5 – 8. Second Prep commences at 7pm until 7.45pm. First Prep commences at 7pm for all other year levels and finishes at 9.00pm. Second Prep commences at 9.00pm until lights out at 10.30pm.

Additional tutor assistance may be requested and will be organised, with the cost to be incurred by the family.