Outside Communication

The Boarding House recognises the importance to its boarding students of maintaining contact with family and friends. A number of facilities are available to enable boarders to maintain quality communication with family and friends ‘in the outside world’.

Boarding House Reception has an independent telephone system and a facsimile machine. A number of telephones are situated throughout the Boarding House.

Although Boarding House Reception telephone operates between 6.30am and 10.30pm Monday through Sunday, it is transferred to mobile at 6.00pm each evening. Messages are able to be left on the answering service when the phone system is switched off during other times. Emergency contact can be made with the Head of Boarding on mobile 0409 059 732.

Personal mobile phones are permitted within the Boarding House; however, usage is restricted to certain hours of the day. During the evening, before lights out, all mobile phones for boarders in Years 5 - 11 are secured until the following morning, thus enabling all girls to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

The study room is equipped with 30 computers and the boarders are able to access their school email account after school and on the weekends. Students are able to access the internet and email facilities in their rooms. Private emailing, texting and phone calls are not permitted during Prep. Boarders in Years 5 - 11, who own laptops, are required to hand them in each evening before lights out.

The mail is delivered on a daily basis and distributed to the students upon their return from school.

Email contact is available through the school internet system. Email contact can be made to the Head of Boarding via boarding@clayfield.qld.edu.au.

The Head of Boarding is available to families and boarders, via the telephone during office hours on 07 3262 0221 or on mobile 0409 059 732 after hours in emergency.

A monthly communique, the 'The Boarders' Brief', is posted electronically each calendar month during term time. This colourful document details all the Boarding House events and features pictures of the boarders enjoying social activities.