Boarding Options

Since 1939, Clayfield College has offered a full boarding experience for regional, rural, remote and international students. Full time boarders enjoy generous leave privileges and a comprehensive recreational program.

We also offer permanent weekly boarding to girls whose families reside in Brisbane or live in regions which are easily accessible to Brisbane. Weekly boarders travel home every Friday after school, returning on Sunday afternoon to prepare for the beginning of the academic week. The Boarding House understands the need for students to live in residence during the week. Parents have peace of mind, knowing their daughters are able to focus on academic, sporting or cultural commitments in a safe and caring environment during the week, whilst still enjoying the home environment on the weekend. Whilst weekly boarders have the option of venturing home every weekend, they are encouraged to remain in residence as often as possible to participate in the recreational program. This option has aided the development of authentic relationships amongst all the boarders, as well as fostering a strong sense of community.

Along with the traditional boarding options we also offer a range of flexible boarding options to assist modern day family lifestyles and commitments. Our Urban Boarding options offer Daily, Casual and Weekly boarding options to meet the needs of our busy families. Our new Daily Extras includes attendance at afternoon co-curricular commitments or study time in the Learning Resource Centre, dinner and shower in the Boarding House, followed by two hours of supervised homework time with our specialist tutors, before pick up at 9:00pm. Our Casual and Weekly Extras allows our students to stay overnight for one or two nights during the week to focus on study, or on a weekly basis to cater for families with travel commitments.

For more information on our Urban Boarding options, please contact